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    Chemistry wonders that grow up to 200 times their size when immersed in water.

    A fun chemistry experiment showing the range of polymeric materials.

    Can be reused repeatedly, as they shrink back to original size.

    Okay, we admit it. These are kind of juvenile, and at first glance, they do very little for your brain cells. But these are Braindrops - chemistry wonders that are a major step up from the old-school kind! For starters, they grow up to 100 times their original size when immersed in water, can be dyed with food coloring, and (most awesome of all) can be reused repeatedly. They’re designed for bouncing, throwing, smashing, spitting from a straw, and other delightfully immature activities we have yet to think of.

    Here are some more ideas:

    -Color them with food coloring
    -Dry them out and reuse them
     (if you haven't smashed them!)
    -Launch them from da Vinci's Catapult
    -Hide them in your friends pockets
    -Fill a bathtub with them
     (but these probably shouldn't go down the drain!)
    -Make jewelry with them
    -Put them in someone's shoes
    -Drop them from great heights
    -Play Mind Your Marbles with them
    -Use them as Lutso marbles
    -Fill a flower vase
    -Put some in a bag and balance over a doorway for
     sneaky sabotage

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Introduces users to the extraordinary range of properties of polymeric materials, and facilitates exploration. A fun example of chemistry principles."


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    Additional Information

    format skills game
    number of players solo
    manufacturer recommended age
    warnings CHOKING HAZARD Toy contains small balls. Not for children under 3 years.
    Safe and non-toxic (but we still don't recommend eating them)

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    Braindrops are easily the squishiest ammunition I've had the privilege to use. Also, quite fun and very effective.

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