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Brain that Changes Itself

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Just a few decades ago, experts believed the brain was fixed, unchanging and that it was hardwired like a machine. But now there’s a new sheriff in brain research town and his name is “Neuroplasticity.” This revolutionary discovery shows that the brain is actually a living, plastic organ capable of rewiring itself. In The Brain That Changes Itself, Dr. Norman Doidge introduces principles we can all use to overcome brain limitations while sharing riveting case studies that were once deemed hopeless, including a woman born with half a brain that rewired itself to work as a whole, lifelong depression dissipating and blind people learning to see.
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The Idea

Learn how to improve your brain for a healthier and brainier life.

The Brains

Reading activates memory and learning capacity centers.

The A-Ha

Feel your brain getting stretchier? Good. It's working.

The Brain Coach Says

This is an excellent book that expands the mind while also enlightening the reader on how the brain is always changing and expanding. I could not put this book down!

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Brain Category
Recommended Age14+
authorNorman Doidge

Customer Reviews

An outstanding book


I've read this book three times, that's how interesting it is. My original reason for purchasing the book is because my fiance has a traumatic brain injury and during the time of his recovery I wanted to read something that would inform me about the brain and how it, well, changes itself. I learned a lot about the brain from reading this book as well got a dose of much needed hope at the time.



REALLY INTERESTING!!! It was so good that I bought a copy for my grandmother and sister after reading it. Both loved the book! Great book for a Sunday afternoon at a coffee shop. Highly recommend it.

very hopeful


I love understanding how I can improve my brain as I age!