brain fitness 101

    It turns out that our brains don’t stop growing in our teens as experts once believed. Thanks to a revolutionary idea called neuroplasticity, we now know that you can generate new brain cells and form new connections at any age. Phew! That means brain training can help you improve concentration, diminish the symptoms of diseases like ADHD and even ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia. The trick is to train all major brain functions to keep those synapses synapsing—whether you’re eight or 108.

    • You're going to want to talk the talk in order to walk the walk. Get up to speed on your vocab with the brain glossary.

    • The brain experts explain it best. Check out the research and studies that support the idea that you can play your way to a healthier brain.

    • If you or your loved one has a brain health concern, there are experts who can further help you in our resources section.