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Your ability to remember a ridiculously large number of songs by heart is legendary.

But you couldn't recite the countries of the world, the quadratic formula or the seven wonders of the world to save your shower-singing, car-crooning, karaoke-rocking life. That’s all about to change with Brain Beats 2.

This mnemonic CD features 13 brilliantly catchy songs to help you remember things you’ve always wanted to learn, but couldn't.

Play it for the kids in the car, listen to it on your music-playing thingamajig at the gym or crank it up in the privacy of your living room.

Before you know it, you’ll be belting out everything from the parts of your brain to parts of speech and you'll be counting to ten in multiple languages.

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The Idea

From the Seven Ancient Wonders to trips around the world, the beats continue in volume 2.

The Brains

Strengthen your memory and knowledge base.

The A-Ha

Both returning artists and new musicians make this album a fantastic follow-up.

Brain Health Expert Says

Improve your memory and your general knowledge with these catchy tunes which make facts easy to remember.

The Brain Coach Says

I can't stop listening to this CD! It's helped me remember everything from the countries to the quadratic formula. Combining mnemonic exercises with crazy cool beats, you can't go wrong with this CD!

Rock out with your brain out!

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Recommended Age7+
publisherMarbles Brain Workshop

Customer Reviews



We purchased Brain Beats 1 & 2 and can't get enough. They are amazing! Every family/school needs to own these. After falling in love with ours (took one listen), we bought two more sets to give as gifts.

Great learning for my pre-teen boys


The entire family has the first Brain Beats CD memorized. So I had high hopes for 2. And I was not disappointed. The songs are still catchy and full of great info that is so easy to learn. I love it especially, since my boys are on their respective school academic bowl teams. These CDs have exactly the kind of information that they get asked while in competition. But more than that, the tunes are GOOD; the raps are well done; the hooks are catchy. Not cheesy. We can all sing along. I'll be buying some of this 2nd CD for Christmas gifts.

Brain Beats 1 a hit, trying # 2


I purchased the first Brain Beats CD for my grandchildren, ages 8 and 9, last Christmas. They loved it, and shared it at school. The teachers loved it too and started using one of the songs in the classrooms. So now I have purchased Brain Beats 2 to give to them for Christmas this year.



listened to this so much during my vacation! The kids of all ages loved it and so did I. Really well done

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