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Bora 5 Kite Blaze

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A large kite soaring through the sky is a joy to behold but carting that big kite around might not be as fun. So...what if that large kite came with its own bag? Better yet, what if that kite went into the bag, became smaller and easy to transport? That's what the Bora series kites will do for you and they'll bring the usual kite-flying fun too. Each soft, frameless parafoil kite unfolds from its pouch with no assembly required. All you need is wind.

The Bora series kites use top-quality braided polyester flying line and have a convenient hoop for easy unwinding and rewinding. The long tail and bright colors throughout the canopy make a beautiful presence in the sky. Great for all ages.

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The Idea

A big, beautiful kite that's easy to transport and fun to fly.

The Brains

Coordination, light exercise and visual stimulation.

The A-Ha

A portable flying spectacle with no parts to lose that's easy to pack and unpack.

Brain Health Expert Says

As you learn how to control the Stowaway Parafoil kite, your cerebellum and motor cortex will be busy building new motor skills.

Product Details

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Recommended Age8+
# of Players1