Boogie Board Play N' Trace

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The Boogie Board Play N' Trace is exactly what you need to trace your next masterpiece!

This Boogie Board is transparent, which means you can place it over your favorite picture and use the included stylus to trace it onto the board! Then, feel free to gussy it up to make it your own artistic creation. Erase your doodle thousands of times with the touch of a button, making the Boogie Board Play N' Trace more eco-friendly than a paper hogging sketch pad. The Boogie Board Play N' Trace is an excellent choice for any young artistically inclined smarty.

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The Idea

This transparent doodling board makes it easy to trace your own pictures.

The Brains

Works fine motor skills, pencil grip muscles, and creative thinking.

The A-Ha

Durable, high powered, and perfect for toddlers and little artists.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age3+