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It's a terrible tragedy that the phrase 'word vomit' has such a negative connotation. Those possessing the skill of 'blabbering' should be held in high regard as it is a skill that can often come in handy, especially in a game of Blurble.

Blurble is a fast paced and hilarious word shouting game for the whole family! One player is deemed the Blurbler and they flip a card to race the first to their left to be the first to say a word that begins with the same letter as the image on the card. If the Blurbler wins, they keep the card and move on to the next player to the left.

Once the Blurbler is defeated, the winner becomes the new Blurbler and gameplay continues to the left. Blurble is perfect for those looking to improve their language and word association skills, or just those looking to show off. 

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The Idea

Be the first to shout a word that starts with the same letter as the image on the card.

The Brains

An awesome speaking and word association skill workout.

The A-Ha

Train your brain to think faster.

Brain Health Expert Says

Practice your vocabulary and activate memory processing centers as you recall appropriate words to match the cards in Blurble.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age6+
Play lengthPlay Length20-30
Inside the Box
  • 500 cards
  • instructions
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players2 to 12

Customer Reviews

Excellent for word association and recall


Be ready to double down with Blurble as you race against friends to identify the object on the card and think of a different word starting with the same first letter. Better yet Blurble is a game that works in any language, since the cards themselves just have images, and is great to practice while learning a new language. A+

How To Play

  1. Choose one player to start as the "Blurbler" (the person controlling the deck who starts the action by flipping a card onto the table)
  2. Play starts between the Blurbler and the player to his or her left.
  3. The Blurbler flips the first card from the stack face-up onto the table.  The card should be placed at an equal distance between the two players.  Each time a card is flipped, a "face-off" occurs between the Blurbler and the opponent.
  4. The two players race to say an English word that shares the same first letter as the image on the card.
  5. The first person to finish saying a legal word is the winner of that face-off and keeps that card.
  6. The Blurbler continues to move clockwise until defeated. 
  7. The person who defeats the Blurbler takes over.
  8. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.