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Game Design Contest
By Marbles Brain Workshop
5/24/2014 1:38:00 AM
Marbles was founded on the idea that games should be both fun and brain beneficial. Whether they enhance mental processes or increase physical coordination, we are always on the lookout for new mind-boggling ideas.
And that's where you come in.


Pattern Game Challenge!

Think you’ve got what it takes to create the next great brain game? Now you have the chance to design that great idea you’ve been holding onto for so long. Take a shot at designing a game for Marbles: The Brain Store, in conjunction with National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games, for a chance to win:

  • $2,000 check

  • Set of Brain Games DVDs

  • 5% royalty on sales of the winning game for the lifetime of the game

  • Mass production of your game to be sold exclusively in Marbles 28 locations across the US

  • Announcement of your winning game on National Geographic Channel

Are you up for the challenge?
It's all about Patterns!

This year we’re looking for PATTERN GAMES. What constitutes a pattern game? You tell us. We live and breathe patterns all day, every day. Our brains are drawn to identifying and following patterns, so what better way to exercise these skills than through creative game play?

Show us that next level of gaming by giving us your twist on an existing game or something completely new, as long as it's original. The key elements to a winning brain game:

  1. Must be based around the theme of “Patterns"

    • Quickly recognize patterns or sequences
    • Draw on use of memory, math, or association to solve or complete a puzzle
    • Use the planning of sequences to score points or advance
  2. Easy to Learn, Difficult To Master - the key to a timeless game!

  3. Maximum of 1-2 Players

  4. Brain healthy

  5. Unique

    • Variations of games are fine, but they need a pretty substantial twist
  6. Geared toward adults, but kids can play too!

  7. FUN!

Who Can Enter?

Whether you are a customer of Marbles, have never heard of Marbles, or work for Marbles – the design contest is open to everyone over 18 and legally eligible to enter. See Official Rules & Agreement for complete details on restrictions and design eligibility.

How to Enter

  1. Download the Official Rules & Agreement

  2. Submit your brainy entry here by August 1, 2014. Your entry will include:

    • (Required) A photo of you with the game, which will be featured on National Geographic Channel. Clearance to use these photos included in your entry.

    • (Required) A description of how to play the game and what it’s made of.

    • (Required) Pictures of the game – up to 7 that show us your design. Clearance to use these photos is included in your entry.

    • (Optional) Prototypes are encouraged but not required. And don’t worry, we don't expect a finished product! Just enough to give us an idea of how cool it is.

    • (Optional) Show us how it works! You can submit an optional video with your entry to show it in action.

All entries must be received through the link above by August 1, 2014 at 11 PM CST.

What Happens Next?

  • Marbles' panel of judges will review all eligible entries (without knowing who submitted them to keep it fair) and pick three finalists.

  • On Monday, August 4, will post the finalists to our Facebook page and open up voting for a fan favorite

  • Our judges will deliberate (taking our Facebook fans’ feedback into account) and pick a grand prize winner

  • The winner will be announced on-air on National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games. The winner’s photo and the winning game will be featured on air during the show.

The Regular-sized fine print

Marbles will retain ownership of the winning design.
Keep in mind that this is a public competition, so Marbles cannot control who sees your entry.

This is a blind competition.
Don’t identify yourself in visuals or answers, only the submission form. Though your name will be on the submission form, the judges won’t see it, and won't know who you are to keep the competition fair to everyone who enters.

Enter as many designs as you like, but each entry should be unique, like snowflakes.
Minor changes in color or materials won’t count as a separate entry.

Be sure your contact information is complete.
We will need to contact you if you’re the winner, and you will need to reply with all the required information to be the official winner.

Punctuality Counts!
There are no extensions, so you must submit your design through the entry form, no later than 11:00 p.m. CST on August 1, 2014

Tip: visit timeanddate.com to confirm that time in your area.


Email us at contest@marblesbrainworkshop.com

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