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Your Favorite Games COMBINED!
By BrainCoach Henry
8/1/2014 12:45:00 AM

Everyone has that old standby, that classic game that you break out every single game night.  You’ve played this game to exhaustion or to the point where all of your friends refuse to play with you.  But time and time again, it’s still your favorite game.

At Marbles the Brain Store, we tend to lean a little more hipster when it comes to our favorite games.  All the classic favorites we feel like have been played out.  They’re still great games but we try to find new games that take a familiar concept and twist it up a bit.  So for the sake of those of you who just can’t move past the same old same old, maybe we can help you with a little twist on the classics.  Here’s a little Marbles gaming math that might help you find a brand new favorite that feels like something you’ve loved playing for years.

Spy Alley

Let’s start with two of the most classic games of all time: Monopoly and Clue.  It doesn’t get more old school than Monopoly.  This is arguably the board game that launched all modern board games.  Players start off with the same amount of resources and move around the board collecting money and property ultimately trying to bankrupt all of your friends.  Hooray for Capitalism! With Clue, you are trying to solve a mysterious murder all the while suspecting everyone else but trying to keep your own identity a secret.

Spy Alley

We propose a mash up between these two, Monopoly plus Clue equals Spy Alley.  In Spy Alley players start with the same amount of resources and move around the game board trying to collect money and items.  All the while you have to protect your secret Spy Identity.  Be the first player to collect all the item from your nationality and reach your embassy before being found out by the other players.  Spy Alley is such a fun game of strategy, chance, and mystery.  It has all the gameplay elements of Monopoly with the style and feel of Clue.  This one is sure to be a instant classic.


Moving right along to a different breed of game.  Something a little more active, suspenseful, and fast paced.  Take Jenga for example.  Jenga is one of those games that everybody can get into.  Players try to remove blocks from a loosely built tower and place the extracted pieces back on top, adding the the instability of the structure.  The player who makes it fall loses the game.  Uno on the other hand is a bit more fast paced yet strategic.  The goal of Uno is to get rid of all the cards you have by matching numbers and colors on the cards.


Enter Suspend.  We think this game is the exact marriage of Jenga and Uno.  In Suspend, players start with 6 metal rods of different lengths and colors.  Everyone takes turns rolling the dice and adding that color to the structure somehow.  If you make any piece fall you then have to collect that piece and add it to your hand.  The player that runs out of pieces first wins.  You’ll get some good milage out of this game and give your brain a nice variation on these two classic games.

Cube Quest

This final one is perhaps a bit more targeted in terms of it’s appeal but let’s try it anyway.  Now when I say Dungeons & Dragons there are two very different reactions that could happen.  Either you are already more engaged by this post or you have already closed the window and are on to the next.  Regardless, Dungeons & Dragons is pretty much the gold standard for nerdom everywhere.  This medieval themed role playing game really allows players to get as involved in the world of the game as they want.  Players assume roles and identities and have to embark on quests and overcome a wide variety of challenges.  Now I’m going to introduce a very unlikely pairing into this equation: Paper Football.  This bare bones classroom game is literally just a piece of paper folded up into a triangle which then players face off sliding the paper football across a surface (usually a desk) with part of the football hanging over the edge without falling off the table.  If you do that, you get to attempt a field goal by flicking it at your opponent who makes the goal post out of his hands.

Cube Quest

You didn’t think it could happen by I have found a way to combine Dungeons & Dragons with Paper Football in a little game called Cube Quest.  This medieval themes face off game has castles and kings, skulks and grunts (more or less goblins or orcs) and allows you to plan your attack by setting up the different dice based characters.  The object of the game is knock your opponents king off the designated playing board by flicking your character dice across the table.  You can set up your army however you want but beware of losing your strength because if you flick too far, that piece automatically gets taken out of the game.  You try to ware down your opponent and deplete their army in order to out their king from the castle.  Cube Quest is just a great combo for some silly fun.  It’s worth adding to the collection.

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