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Wordy Word, My Favorite Game
By Marbles Blog
6/9/2014 10:00:00 AM

This is going to be a bit of a confession now. On my 10th birthday, while most kids got bicycles, or video games, or CD Players"_

I got a thesaurus.

And it was just what I wanted! Yup, ever since before I could remember, I had a devout love of words. As a voracious reader, I wanted to know words beyond "happy", "sad", "sometimes" and "stubborn". I wanted a world filled with "effervescent", "morose", "intermittent" and "recalcitrant"!

As you can imagine, I was a super cool, super normal child. And this is why Marbles very own Wordy Word is my favorite game. My friends and I form teams and concoct words by the roll of the dice, all in the name of stumping our opponents.

We first break into two teams, Purple and Orange (or, Violet and Vermillion?) Each team has their own respective timers. Each round, one person rolls the 5 multicolor dice. The dice have letters on each side. If the green die lands on F, you write "F" on the green square, if the orange die lands on "Q", you write "Q" in the orange square, and so on.

Then begins the quicksand scramble. The teams turn their timers, and it's a race to find that perfect word--no staircase wit here! That means before the timer runs out, your team has to race to create words on your slates.

When your team is done, you put the timer down on its side.

Next up, you hand your slate to one member of your opponent's team. The timer is flipped again. Here's the part where things may get to sound familiar, like the popular game "Taboo" . Which is good--I don't want a game to reinvent the wheel! The slate-holder has to make their team guess these words, by describing them. The more the team answers correctly, the more points they get to move across the board. The goal is to get to the finish line, one zany word at a time.

Word Cloud

That's where the fun is, and why I love this game so much. Of course, I won't let my opponents off easy by just using words like "Frog", or "Lamp" . Then again, I can't spend my whole round spelling out a long word like "verisimilitude". I need to be fast, but create words difficult enough to bamboozle my opponents (Oooh, bamboozle, that's a good one, I'll remember that for next time I play!) So words like "buoy", "zest", "verve" will always "pique" my interest! My word nerd friends and I are always raising the stakes and laughing it up as we try to åÊtop each other in verbal audacity. Of course, when I play with family members who are not so linguistically inclined, I make my words easier--that's why Wordy Word is so perfect. I can play it with my teenage cousins who don't want to be åÊbombarded with my "÷"esoteric" word choices. But at the same time, when I bunch of my "eloquent", "loquacious" and downright silly friends get together, we just love searching for le mot juste--you know, the perfect word!

BrainCoach Jane

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