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Top 10 Memory Boosters
By BrainCoach Derik
7/9/2014 8:01:00 AM

"I've a grand memory for forgetting," once said the great Robert Louis Stevenson. But you don't have to fall in the same category as him. Memory is a muscle; the more you work it the stronger it gets. Leave it to us at Marbles to pump (clap) you up! We'll have you at Arnold status in no time.

1.) Ooga Booga: As comical as it is entertaining, Ooga Booga is a family friendly hit to fire up your cerebral cortex. As the game is played, a chain of caveman like phrases and gestures are uttered and performed all from memory. Ooga Booga is a crowd pleaser!

2.) Ovo: This strategy game is not easy to pull off without a hitch. Move your symboled eggs to the opposite side of the board, then flip the eggs upside down so the symbol is hidden. Be the first to move all your eggs back to your side and call "game" to win! But if your enemy's egg is somehow in your home base you lose. The challenge comes in remembering which eggs are yours and bluffing your opponents into thinking you're moving your own eggs.

3.) Pengoloo: Pengoloo is a favorite amongst the little ones. All of the eggs are hidden under a different penguin and you must roll the dice and guess which penguin is hiding that colored egg. Chance and memory collide in a game that's perfect for people of all ages!

4.) Mindstein: Oooooh, get ready for a real toughie! Mindstein is not only a challenging trivia game, but each trivia card offers multiple choice questions and each answer is assigned a letter. If you know all of the correct answers the corresponding letters will assemble a secret word. Be the first to guess the word and you win!

5.) Chronology: How about a test for your long term memory? Let's put that A you got in History Class to work! In Chronology, the reader draws and event card and reads it aloud to the other player/s. If you can guess where it fits in relation to your other event cards you get to keep it. Be the first to reach ten in your timeline and you win!

6.) Kwizniac/Kwizniac 2: Like 20 questions on reverse, a reader gives a series hints leading up to the card's answer. The hints go in order from most obscure to practically obvious. Be the first to call out the answer and collect the points from the most recent hint the reader gave. This is a great game to engage the hippocampus in long term memory recall.

7.) Simon: Yup, it's the same old Simon you remember from your childhood. This is the be-all end all in short term memory recall. Follow along with Simon's ever growing chain of lights and sounds and you'll be on your way to becoming a Memory Master.

8.) Linkee: This is one of those new, hilarious, and suspenseful party games that you're going to want to add to your collection. The best part is you can play with an unlimited amount of people! Simply read the clues on the card to guess what the common link is that brings them all together. The first person/team to guess correctly wins a point!

9.) Bend Your Brain: Straight from our Brain Workshop, Bend your Brain is a handy book of puzzles and conundrums that will challenge many parts of your brain, including your memory! There's nothing better for a full brain workout.

10.) Muse: For a truly rewarding and high-tech experience in brain training and memory boosting, check out Muse. This brain wave sensing headband will teach you how to focus and de-stress in just minutes a day!

Whether you're trying to memorize your phone number or all of your lines as you play Hamlet, these ten products will get your memory in tip top shape! 

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