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Brain Workshop: Four Square Kit with a Wonky Bit
By Austin Call
3/13/2013 1:14:00 PM
Back when you were a kid, you didn't need iThingamijigs to keep you entertained. You were quite content spending an entire Saturday afternoon playing Four Square with your friends (or at least my friends and I were). If anyone told you that one day you'd be zealously "checking in" to trendy restaurants on a mobile app of the same name, you would've laughed them off the playground. Here in the Workshop we've decided to bring Four Square back to the pavement. From my research, Four Square has no documented origin. It is possibly an evolution of handball, the origin of using hands rather than rackets or clubs, and lawn tennis, where the four square court originated. Four Square is now an official sport with leagues and hosted championships. Wherever the game originated, I owe the inventors a thank you for countless recesses and keeping my youth, healthy and active. The Brain Workshop couldn't get enough of the game so we decided to create a kit, a Four Square Kit. Check out a few pictures of our mock-ups that we saw during development of this game. Thankfully it's not your average Four Square Kit with a ball and chalk. We wanted to "wonk" things up a bit so we introduce to you, The Four Square Kit with a Wonky Bit. The Wonky Bit of our Kit includes two bands that when wrapped around the Four Square ball add a little unpredictability to the playground. Check out a few pictures of mock-ups we've made during development:

Unsure of how to play four square? Don't fret,we broke it down into four easy steps and included in the game is an in-depth instruction manual:

Four square works your coordination skills and visual perception skills all while players pump adrenaline and get a good workout. Keep an eye out for The Four Square Kit with a Wonky Bit hitting Marbles: The Brain Store this summer.

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