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Staff Favorites–Spring Product Launch

If you have been to one of our locations, you know that our BrainCoaches know how to play all of the games. When the new items come in, we have to scramble to learn them so we can explain them Read More >

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BrainSessions- Which Brain Are You?

People love our stores and our website because of all of the brainy fun products we offer.  We know our customers are excited to get the latest and best games and puzzles for their families, friends and themselves. But we Read More >

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Brain Benefits of Working Puzzles

Puzzles were a prominent part of my childhood. During the winter months, our dining room table often held a large piece of leftover wall paneling covered with jigsaw puzzles in progress.  I would sit with my mom and try to Read More >

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Manager’s Holiday Kickoff

Once a year we bring in all of our store managers from across the country for our Holiday Kickoff meeting.  It’s a chance for people in this fast-growing company to see each other face to face, and an opportunity to Read More >

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Memories of Mastermind

Candyland, Life and Monopoly with my cousins. Because my cousins were older, I learned to play games that were sometimes a stretch for my 6 year old brain. We spent hours playing these games. No one talked about the brain benefits of playing games; they were simply a way to keep kids entertained. Read More >

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Ping pong – de-stress & get a brain workout

I was talking to a friend recently about what she does to stimulate creativity and relieve stress. She loves to play ping pong. She said she loses herself in the game and those nagging worries and stressful thoughts disappear for Read More >

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Under The Radar Gem: Zenith

From Best Sellers to Featured New Arrivals to Marbles Originals, there are so many great games to choose from.  But  sometimes a great product doesn’t get as much attention as we think it deserves. This post attempts to redress that Read More >

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The Anatomy of Abalone

In the realm of Critical Thinking and Strategy games, it is easy to get lost in the deluge of fun and intensive games. However, amongst the cream of the crop games found on the shelves at Marbles, Abalone stands above the rest for sheer cognitive rigor and strategic complexity. Read More >

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Top 10 Gifts to Give the Older Adults in Your Life

Our MindMatters Program Coordinator Joni announces her Top 10 Gifts to Give the Older Adults in Your Life! 10. Link 26 This is a great word skills game that several people can play.  There are 26 letter tiles and 100 Read More >

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Learning about Lutso

Marbles: Congratulations on winning the 2011 Marbles Game Design Contest! What made you decide to enter the contest?
Ryan: My wife Kristin. She insisted that I should think up something for the contest so I brainstormed for a few minutes about what I did and didn’t like about strategy games and came up with the basic idea of Lutso pretty fast. Read More >

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