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Cubebot’s Spring Break

Sometimes a little wooden robot just needs a break.  Cubebot spends his whole life stress relieving and helping his owners exercise their fine motor coordination and visual processing centers as they twist his parts into unique shapes.  It’s a big Read More >

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Stress Relief Goes Tech

Our bodies have a built in biological response know as Fight or Flight. When we are in danger this response is beneficial for survival, however, when we are in stressful, non-life threatening situations, our bodies have the same hormonal response as if we were in danger. This response can affect our ability to concentrate, to make decisions, to problem-solve and to communicate clearly. It can also inhibit sleep and keep our body’s immune system from functioning properly. Read More >

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Treat Your Brain with Travel

BrainCoach Paulette tells us four ways that traveling during the holidays can be beneficial for the brain! Read More >

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Music Brain Power!

News reports about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery have placed a spotlight on the impact that music can have on the brain. When Giffords was shot in January, the bullet punctured the left hemisphere of her brain. This hemisphere is the Read More >

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Are you taking time to relax this summer?

As summer flies by, many of us are looking forward to taking a vacation in August. After a stressful year of economic turmoil, it is important for our general well-being to relax. It is also essential for our brain fitness Read More >

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