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Creating Creatively

Creativity can be elusive. Sometimes you feel the creative spark and other times you stare, for what seems like hours, at a blank page or screen. (Like me as I am trying to write this blog!) Read More >

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Play at Work

We tend to associate play solely with childhood. Kids are supposed to play, but when adults play it is often viewed as “goofing off” or being unproductive. However, play is highly beneficial to our brains and can ultimately improve our productivity. In his book entitled Play, Dr. Stuart Brown explains that play stimulates nerve growth in the amygdla (the area that processes emotion) and in the prefrontal cortex where executive decisions are processed. He also states that play promotes new connections between neurons. In play, we create scenarios and systems that we can test out without fear of failure or severe consequences. As a result, we set up the neural pathways that will help us navigate through real life situations. Read More >

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Employee Favorites: Books

If you have been in a Marbles lately, you may have noticed the “Employee Favorites” blurbs all over the store. As Brain Coaches, we were polled about our favorite books and games and then all of us wrote up something Read More >

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