Under the Radar Gem: Spontuneous

It takes very little to trigger a song in my head.  In fact, there’s almost always music playing in there.  My day usually has a soundtrack, although it doesn’t necessarily align with what’s happening.  Many times it’s an obnoxious song Read More >

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Memories of Mastermind

Candyland, Life and Monopoly with my cousins. Because my cousins were older, I learned to play games that were sometimes a stretch for my 6 year old brain. We spent hours playing these games. No one talked about the brain benefits of playing games; they were simply a way to keep kids entertained. Read More >

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Meditation for Kids

Using meditation with children is not something that’s ever crossed my mind, but an article in the most recent issue of Scientific American Mind revealed that there are classrooms in Canada and the U.S. that have incorporated it into their Read More >

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Behold the Isis Adventure!

For the last three years, one puzzle has stood out in terms of its design, intricacy, backstory, and excitement generated by customers: the Isis Puzzle. A series of five interconnected puzzles (only 3 of which have been released to date), Read More >

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Senior Citizens Day

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared August, 21st to be National Senior Citizens Day. This day is meant to be a celebration of seniors and was created to encourage younger generations to spend time with their elders or do volunteer Read More >

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Radio Days

Today is National Radio Day, a day designed to commemorate the amazing technology that is so ubiquitous it’s hard to conceive of a time that it didn’t exist. As we use our cellphones to surf the internet and watch movies, Read More >

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Brainy People Wanted

Next month I will celebrate my 4 year anniversary with Marbles: The Brain Store. I was the first BrainCoach hired and I am still working for the company. I never imagined that we would grow so quickly. In September and October we will add 4 more stores–One in Delaware, another in the L.A. area and 2 in Seattle. By the end of October, we will have 29 stores in the U.S. It has definitely been an adventure Read More >

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What was your favorite outdoor game?

We’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing here in the brain workshop lately. It seems that some of the best childhood games make the best games for grown-ups too! So what was your favorite game to play as a youngster? Read More >

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What is “What?”

We have published 4 posts in the past week explaining the concept of “Marbles University”, our new promotion focusing on how the products at Marbles The Brain Store can help you Build Logic, Enhance Creativity, Increase Vocabulary, and Learn It Read More >

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The Geeks’ Guide to World Domination

Garth Sundem’s book The Geeks’ Guide to World Domination. Sounds like a list of To Do’s in order to exact nerdy revenge on every popular kid who was mean to us in school. However, it is actually a helpful tome Read More >

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