Happy Pi Day!

It’s irrational, infinite and seemingly random. Some would say that sounds like my argument style, but I’m talking about pi. Today is Pi Day, when lovers of mathematical formulae, circles and/or pies celebrate their well-rounded interests. The first large-scale Pi Read More >

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Brain Workshop: Four Square Kit with a Wonky Bit

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Love Your Brain! Brain Awareness Week

At Marbles: The Brain Store we pride ourselves on the brainy games and puzzles that we carry. We strive to offer fun and challenging products to help your brain.  But we are not just concerned about selling products. We also Read More >

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It was cold and snowy today and my bus ride to work was typical—packed with sleepy, slightly grumpy people who are just ready for the weekend.  No one looks at each other or interacts unless they have to.  Even when Read More >

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The Risky Business of Football

Discussion on the long term neurological effects of concussions has been brought into the spotlight with recent events in the news.  Many former NFL players are being diagnosed with CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) a degenerative neurological disease which manifests with Read More >

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Interview with Lutso Inventor Ryan Jedlicka

In light of our 3rd annual game design contest, “Who’s Got Game?” we had Marbles’ very own Ryan Jedlicka answer a few questions regarding his entry into the contest. Ryan was the first winner of Marbles annual design contest in Read More >

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BrainSessions- Which Brain Are You?

People love our stores and our website because of all of the brainy fun products we offer.  We know our customers are excited to get the latest and best games and puzzles for their families, friends and themselves. But we Read More >

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Is Love Addictive Like Chocolate?

It’s Valentine’s day, and that can mean only one thing: chocolate is in the air. No, no I’m sorry. Love. Love is in the air. Though you have to admit, chocolate is pretty important too. For those of us with Read More >

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Singing and the Brain

I’ve been singing a lot lately.  I sing with a choir once a week and am also working on a show.  I have a hectic schedule and have to rehearse when I can.  So if you live in Chicago, you Read More >

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Meditation May Prevent Colds and Flu

I’ve been reading this week about a study performed by the University of Wisconsin that showed that mindfulness meditation or moderate exercise can reduce instances of cold and flu.  This information comes a little late, as I have been suffering from Read More >

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