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Isis Puzzle Adventurist Wins Pyramid Challenge Prize

Isis Puzzle Adventurist, Luns Tee solved the Pyramid Challenge riddle for the golden coin. He was presented with the coin at our San Francisco Centre store. He will also receive a $500 prize for solving the riddle successfully. Luns Tee Read More >

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Behold the Isis Adventure!

For the last three years, one puzzle has stood out in terms of its design, intricacy, backstory, and excitement generated by customers: the Isis Puzzle. A series of five interconnected puzzles (only 3 of which have been released to date), Read More >

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Marbles Top 10 Gifts For Executives

Looking for that perfect gift for your boss, buddy, or bossy buddy? Well, we have what we like to think are the greatest gifts for any executive! All items are hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiable fun ways to a healthier brain, and are sure to please any executive. Read More >

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