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Imagine: How Creativity Works

How do breakthroughs happen?  What causes creative sparks and moments of insight?  In Imagine: How Creativity Works, Jonah Lehrer explores these questions through a combination of stories of artistic genius and companies that are renowned for their innovation, as well Read More >

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Let’s Play Together!

It’s a brand New Year! This is our time for a fresh start. We sort through the events of the past year and look at things we would like to change. Then we make a list of resolutions: exercise, eat better, spend smarter, etc. How many of us included “Play More” on our list? We don’t really view play as important, but it is in so many ways. Read More >

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Creating Creatively

Creativity can be elusive. Sometimes you feel the creative spark and other times you stare, for what seems like hours, at a blank page or screen. (Like me as I am trying to write this blog!) Read More >

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