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Marbles Kendama Jam

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Love Your Brain! Brain Awareness Week

At Marbles: The Brain Store we pride ourselves on the brainy games and puzzles that we carry. We strive to offer fun and challenging products to help your brain.  But we are not just concerned about selling products. We also Read More >

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BrainSessions- Which Brain Are You?

People love our stores and our website because of all of the brainy fun products we offer.  We know our customers are excited to get the latest and best games and puzzles for their families, friends and themselves. But we Read More >

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Juggle Your Way to a Healthy Brain?

According to a 2009 Oxford University study, learning to three-ball cascade juggle is associated with a transient and highly selective increase in gray matter in the occipito-temporal cortex.  (That’s just a an incredibly brainy was of saying that juggling is Read More >

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Brain Benefits of Working Puzzles

Puzzles were a prominent part of my childhood. During the winter months, our dining room table often held a large piece of leftover wall paneling covered with jigsaw puzzles in progress.  I would sit with my mom and try to Read More >

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Marbles Makes Design Student’s Dream Come True

In the fall of 2011, I enrolled for a product design course with the Columbia College Art & Design School that challenged students to develop new toys and games for Marbles: The Brain Store.  We were tasked with creating the next Read More >

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Wordy Word Is Here!

We’ve been waiting for many months for this baby to arrive. Wordy Word is one of the first word skills games created by our Brain Workshop. Wordy Word is a fast-paced, high pressure word game that calls on you to Read More >

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Discover Some Brain Benefits of Reading

As the weather starts to get cooler, I feel the pull of my couch and the desire to curl up with a good book.  In a previous blog I mentioned that reading literature on a regular basis engages the hippocampus, Read More >

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Our hands and brains share a very special relationship. They are constantly talking to one another, whether we realize it or not. Our hands are happiest when they can deliver information for our super computer brains to process. Next time Read More >

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Meditation for Kids

Using meditation with children is not something that’s ever crossed my mind, but an article in the most recent issue of Scientific American Mind revealed that there are classrooms in Canada and the U.S. that have incorporated it into their Read More >

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