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Exploring Classic Childhood Games

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about our mission to find the greatest childhood games of all time and discover exactly what it is that makes them so great. The tremendous response from our Facebook fans confirmed what we suspected, that great games aren’t just for kids. Read More >

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Under the Radar Gem: Spontuneous

It takes very little to trigger a song in my head.  In fact, there’s almost always music playing in there.  My day usually has a soundtrack, although it doesn’t necessarily align with what’s happening.  Many times it’s an obnoxious song Read More >

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Memories of Mastermind

Candyland, Life and Monopoly with my cousins. Because my cousins were older, I learned to play games that were sometimes a stretch for my 6 year old brain. We spent hours playing these games. No one talked about the brain benefits of playing games; they were simply a way to keep kids entertained. Read More >

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What was your favorite outdoor game?

We’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing here in the brain workshop lately. It seems that some of the best childhood games make the best games for grown-ups too! So what was your favorite game to play as a youngster? Read More >

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Increase Your Vocabulary With Word Games

The Parietal lobe is one of the areas of the brain that is responsible for interpreting and remembering the spelling and meanings of words. Along with Broca’s Area (in the frontal lobe) and Wernicke’s Areas (in the temporal lobe), the parietal lobe give us the ability to process, understand and speak language. Playing word games can help strengthen these areas. For instance, researchers and educators believe that reading and playing word games are the top two ways to strengthen your vocabulary and other word skills. Read More >

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Do You Know How to Play All of These Games?

This is one of the most asked questions our BrainCoaches hear in the stores. And the answer is usually “Yes”. Quite a bit of training is involved in developing product knowledge, which allows us to help you find products that Read More >

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Doonerism Spay!

In honor of Spoonerism Day, the majority of today’s post is written in spoonerism form (i.e., with initial consonants & vowels transposed).  Yesterday, July 22nd, was the anniversary of the dirthbay of Rev. William Archibald Spooner, dean of the Kew Read More >

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Made in the USA

Braininess knows no boundaries, to be sure…but we often hear from customers who would like to know which of our products are made in the USA.  We created a filter category on our website to highlight those products, and here Read More >

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Under the Radar Gem: Spotcha!

From Best Sellers to Featured New Arrivals to Marbles Originals, there are so many great games to choose from. But sometimes a product doesn’t get as much attention as we think it deserves. This post attempts to redress that wrong, Read More >

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Outdoor Fun This Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day today, and besides being a day to honor soldiers who gave their lives in the service, it is also the unofficial beginning of the summer season, and a time when people are going outdoors. The weather’s nicer, Read More >

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