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Marbles Brain Workshop + Peggy Brown

Are you familiar with Mind Your Marbles and Mindstein? They were created by Peggy Brown and she’s back working alongside the Brain Workshop to bring a few more splendid games to market! First off, we’ve got Splickety Lit – a Read More >

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Cubebot Caption Contest – Everyone Wins!

Cubebot Took a Spring Break Adventure – He Brought You Savings & A Chance to Win! Cubebot hit the road for a spring break adventure, and took some fun pictures of his day.  Get your brain buzzing and give us Read More >

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Cubebot’s Spring Break

Sometimes a little wooden robot just needs a break.  Cubebot spends his whole life stress relieving and helping his owners exercise their fine motor coordination and visual processing centers as they twist his parts into unique shapes.  It’s a big Read More >

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Update from the Marbles Brain Workshop!

Who knew that Labyrinth had such a rich past? I wanted to find out more about where the labyrinth originated so I began reading, not realizing I was about to be taken on a historical and fantastical journey from Greek mythology to Herodotus’ Egyptian labyrinth to the hedge mazes of the Renaissance to David Bowie’s Goblin King… just kidding! Read More >

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Announcing the Game Design Contest Finalists!

After much deliberation and reviewing many great game ideas, our selection is now down to four! Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a game into the 2012 Marbles Game Design Contest! Read More >

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Happy Belated National Grammar Day!

This past Sunday was National Grammar Day and we didn’t want it to pass completely unnoticed. If you threw a party to celebrate this day, you will probably find my blog a disappointment. As I am writing this blog I am extremely aware (even more than usual) that I do not want to make any grammar mistakes. Read More >

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Braindrops and Brain Cubes

Calling all Rubik’s Cube fans! Come one, come all for the very first Brain Cube – a game not of color-coordination but of sensory perception. This Cube will work your somatosensory system as you arrange the gyri (ridges) and sulci (grooves) toward a perfectly ridged brain. It may sound like a daunting task considering there are upwards of fourty-three quintillion arrangements of the tradition 3x3x3 cube but realize that you will be exposing your brain to new ways of recognizing patterns and tactile perception. Read More >

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The Importance of Improvisation!

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction is probably the most popular Marbles product that involves the wonderfully mentally stimulating act of creation. Within its pages building enthusiasts of all ages will find fun and fascinating medieval weapons such as crossbows, catapults and trebuchets that can be constructed with ordinary household supplies. However, the important cognitive experience that this book provides that can’t be found in a Nanoblocks box or a Lego set is the vital act of improvisation. Read More >

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Creating ColorFall

Chrissy here from the Marbles Brain Workshop, where we are excited to be developing ColorFall, set to release in summer 2012! ColorFall is a creative play toy imagined and designed by my project partner, Brad Hoffman, and myself. We first Read More >

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Marbles: Brain Workshop

Marbles: Brain Workshop is official! We’re in route to release quite a few Marbles branded products in 2012. Some designed here in the Workshop, some with other brainiacs, (you may already know PeggyBrown), and some by design students. Read More >

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