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Love Your Brain! Brain Awareness Week

At Marbles: The Brain Store we pride ourselves on the brainy games and puzzles that we carry. We strive to offer fun and challenging products to help your brain.  But we are not just concerned about selling products. We also Read More >

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BrainSessions- Which Brain Are You?

People love our stores and our website because of all of the brainy fun products we offer.  We know our customers are excited to get the latest and best games and puzzles for their families, friends and themselves. But we Read More >

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Beating the Winter Blahs

I don’t get depressed during the winter months, but I do experience what I refer to as the winter blahs (not blue, just blah). I have to fight the urge to stay on of my couch and watch movies all Read More >

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A New Twist on the Puzzle (Literally)

We know that puzzles are good for strengthening the organization, fine motor tasks, and visualization areas of the brain.  Many studies have found that people who exercise their mind with jigsaw puzzles may have a smaller chance of being affected by Alzheimer’s, Read More >

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New Studies Confirm Benefits of Exercising the Brain

This is fantastic news and needs to be shared: “exercising your brain is good for you and it may keep you healthier in a cognitive way much longer, even if you have early diagnosis of dementia.” In the past month there have been even more studies showing the benefits of keeping yourself cognitively stimulated by doing simple things such as playing games and staying socially engaged. Read More >

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The Brain Benefits of Crossword Puzzles

Four Ways Crossword Puzzles Benefit Your Brain

1. Enhance vocabulary
2. Strengthen word recall and memory
3. Stimulate problem solving skills
4. Improve focus and attention Read More >

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From Marbles Brain Workshop: JuggleFit

Chrissy writing to you from inside the Marbles Brain Workshop, where we are hard at fun testing our JuggleFit Kit, set to arrive in Marbles stores this summer! Marbles is excited to be working with Heather Wolf, creator and owner Read More >

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Oscar Trivia!

Every year I make the mad dash to see as many Oscar nominated films as I can. I love all of the excitement leading up to the big night. January and February are filled with a glut of amazing performances to watch. Like many people, I pick my favorites, but also try to predict the Academy’s choices. The 84th Academy Awards will air tonight, so we thought we would celebrate with some Oscar trivia. See how many you can answer without looking them up online! Read More >

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Stimulate your brain in new and healthy ways!

Whether it’s your mother, your doctor, your friends or your television, someone is always urging you to go outside and get some physical exercise. If you’re anything like I was when I was younger, you’d likely retort with some pathetic excuse about mental exercise being much more useful than physical exercise. Read More >

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Playing Games May Reduce Alzheimer’s Pathology

Higher cognitive activity in young and middle-aged adults is associated with lower levels of Alzheimer’s pathology, published in Archives of Neurology , January 23, 2012,

We all need to learn to play new games and partake in cognitive activities according to the main outcome measured in this most recent study. Read More >

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