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Stress and the Brain

We all know that stress can have a negative effect on our lives, but how much do we understand about what happens to our brain and our body when we live in a state of high stress? Read More >

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Happy Birthday Marbles

Did you know that your second birthday is the only birthday that doubles your age? We’re not worried though – with something for every brain, Marbles is filled with brilliant gifts to keep you sharp as you age! And since we can’t send you all delicious baked goods for our birthday, we hope you accept this beautiful looking cupcake as our gift to you. Read More >

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Launching New Website

Welcome to our BRAND NEW SITE! I hope you enjoy it – it was a nine month process revamping everything about our website and we are very proud to have it up and running. What we were trying to do on our site is to make it more like our well loved in-store Read More >

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Mother’s Day All Year Long

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! As great as it is to celebrate them today, they should really be celebrated more often, especially given the amount of hard work they put in on a daily basis. From Read More >

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Brain Myths: Debunked!

Brain Myth #1: The brain doesn’t make new brain cells. Fact: Wrong! You can create new neurons and synapses by exercising your brain. The 100 billion neuron cells in your brain process and transmit information, but with stimulation (i.e. brain Read More >

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Food for the Brain!

Eating the right foods is also an important component of keeping your brain healthy. Studies have shown that certain foods have shown to be beneficial for your brain. Here are some foods that are brain boosters: Fish (cold-water fish) Soy Read More >

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Employee Favorites: Books

If you have been in a Marbles lately, you may have noticed the “Employee Favorites” blurbs all over the store. As Brain Coaches, we were polled about our favorite books and games and then all of us wrote up something Read More >

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Brain Games for Teen to Adult

Most of my favorite games are geared towards the 12+ crowd. For instance, I am a big fan of Insight, Art Dealer, Quarto, and Snatch It. The following brain games/books and software are great fits for teens to adults, although Read More >

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Lover’s Sweat as Sweet as Roses

Have you ever noticed your lover’s sweat (unadulterated, non-deodorized sweat) turning you on? Do you snatch a chance to sniff his shirt when he isn’t there? Well don’t worry, there is a scientific explanation for your actions (craziness… just kidding). Read More >

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Exploring Chicago’s Brainy Activities

Although I have only been living in this city for about 2 years, I am a huge fan of Chitown. Not only are the people nice and the food delicious, but there are also fun, interesting things to do all Read More >

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