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BrainSessions- Which Brain Are You?

People love our stores and our website because of all of the brainy fun products we offer.  We know our customers are excited to get the latest and best games and puzzles for their families, friends and themselves. But we Read More >

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Beating the Winter Blahs

I don’t get depressed during the winter months, but I do experience what I refer to as the winter blahs (not blue, just blah). I have to fight the urge to stay on of my couch and watch movies all Read More >

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Brain Benefits of Working Puzzles

Puzzles were a prominent part of my childhood. During the winter months, our dining room table often held a large piece of leftover wall paneling covered with jigsaw puzzles in progress.  I would sit with my mom and try to Read More >

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Best Seller: Rock Me Archimedes

Rock Me Archimedes has been an instant best seller in Marbles Stores since its release in October. Based on the concept of weight distribution and balancing, the game is beautifully simple, yet very strategic. Rock Me Archimedes was one of Read More >

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Discover Some Brain Benefits of Reading

As the weather starts to get cooler, I feel the pull of my couch and the desire to curl up with a good book.  In a previous blog I mentioned that reading literature on a regular basis engages the hippocampus, Read More >

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Senior Citizens Day

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared August, 21st to be National Senior Citizens Day. This day is meant to be a celebration of seniors and was created to encourage younger generations to spend time with their elders or do volunteer Read More >

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Brainy People Wanted

Next month I will celebrate my 4 year anniversary with Marbles: The Brain Store. I was the first BrainCoach hired and I am still working for the company. I never imagined that we would grow so quickly. In September and October we will add 4 more stores–One in Delaware, another in the L.A. area and 2 in Seattle. By the end of October, we will have 29 stores in the U.S. It has definitely been an adventure Read More >

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What was your favorite outdoor game?

We’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing here in the brain workshop lately. It seems that some of the best childhood games make the best games for grown-ups too! So what was your favorite game to play as a youngster? Read More >

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Increase Your Vocabulary With Word Games

The Parietal lobe is one of the areas of the brain that is responsible for interpreting and remembering the spelling and meanings of words. Along with Broca’s Area (in the frontal lobe) and Wernicke’s Areas (in the temporal lobe), the parietal lobe give us the ability to process, understand and speak language. Playing word games can help strengthen these areas. For instance, researchers and educators believe that reading and playing word games are the top two ways to strengthen your vocabulary and other word skills. Read More >

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Do You Know How to Play All of These Games?

This is one of the most asked questions our BrainCoaches hear in the stores. And the answer is usually “Yes”. Quite a bit of training is involved in developing product knowledge, which allows us to help you find products that Read More >

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