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Stress Relief Goes Tech

Our bodies have a built in biological response know as Fight or Flight. When we are in danger this response is beneficial for survival, however, when we are in stressful, non-life threatening situations, our bodies have the same hormonal response as if we were in danger. This response can affect our ability to concentrate, to make decisions, to problem-solve and to communicate clearly. It can also inhibit sleep and keep our body’s immune system from functioning properly. Read More >

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BrainCoach Book Review

BrainCoach Bridgette from our Montgomery Mall location in Bethesda, Maryland shares with us her review of The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science! Read More >

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Play More Social Games!

Here at Marbles, not only do we sell games, but we love games too! With the New Year many of us resolved to “Play More.” We did a whole post on playing more and the benefits that come with that. If you missed it, you can click read it here. Today, we want to focus on how playing games in a social setting can be beneficial to your brain! Read More >

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Tony tells us about Telestrations

Are you stuck in the house because it is cold and snowy outside? If you haven’t played Telestrations yet, then this is just the game for you to play away your winter blues! When you play Telestrations the results are unpredictable and hilarious! Check out our interview with Tony, who was part of the brains that came up with Telestrations! Read More >

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The Master of Mind Your Marbles

We had the opportunity to sit down with Peggy Brown, the inventor of our very own Mind Your Marbles, and ask her a few questions about what it takes to create a trivia game! Read More >

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Telling about Telepathy

We were able to interview Derek, the inventor of Telepathy, and learn how he came up with this game that uses logic, creativity and deductive reasoning to outdo your opponents!

Marbles: We are huge fans of Telepathy here at Marbles; can you tell us how you came up with the game? Read More >

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SmartKit 1-Year Subscription

Our Brain Coaches get a lot of requests for brainy gift ideas. What do you recommend for a really smart child? My husband loves brain games, what would you suggest? My family has so many of your games, do you have anything new I can get them? I love to send my mother things to help keep her brain sharp, what do you have? Read More >

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Top 10 Gifts to Give the Older Adults in Your Life

Our MindMatters Program Coordinator Joni announces her Top 10 Gifts to Give the Older Adults in Your Life! 10. Link 26 This is a great word skills game that several people can play.  There are 26 letter tiles and 100 Read More >

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Learning about Lutso

Marbles: Congratulations on winning the 2011 Marbles Game Design Contest! What made you decide to enter the contest?
Ryan: My wife Kristin. She insisted that I should think up something for the contest so I brainstormed for a few minutes about what I did and didn’t like about strategy games and came up with the basic idea of Lutso pretty fast. Read More >

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3 Brainy Gifts for Guys

I heard you were having a tough time crossing things off the list this year. Tell me about it, I’m about half way through my list and already up to my knees in yuletide carols. But I’m a guy and I think like a guy so usually my easiest person to shop for is…ummm, the guys. Read More >

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