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SmartKit 1-Year Subscription

Our Brain Coaches get a lot of requests for brainy gift ideas. What do you recommend for a really smart child? My husband loves brain games, what would you suggest? My family has so many of your games, do you have anything new I can get them? I love to send my mother things to help keep her brain sharp, what do you have? Read More >

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Top 10 Gifts to Give the Older Adults in Your Life

Our MindMatters Program Coordinator Joni announces her Top 10 Gifts to Give the Older Adults in Your Life! 10. Link 26 This is a great word skills game that several people can play.  There are 26 letter tiles and 100 Read More >

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Learning about Lutso

Marbles: Congratulations on winning the 2011 Marbles Game Design Contest! What made you decide to enter the contest?
Ryan: My wife Kristin. She insisted that I should think up something for the contest so I brainstormed for a few minutes about what I did and didn’t like about strategy games and came up with the basic idea of Lutso pretty fast. Read More >

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3 Brainy Gifts for Guys

I heard you were having a tough time crossing things off the list this year. Tell me about it, I’m about half way through my list and already up to my knees in yuletide carols. But I’m a guy and I think like a guy so usually my easiest person to shop for is…ummm, the guys. Read More >

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Interview with Infunitum!

Marbles: We have heard that when creating Infunitum, you were actually trying to write a song! Can you tell us how working on a song turned into creating a game? Read More >

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Feature Interview with Peggy Brown

Professional toy designer and game inventor, Peggy Brown, sat down with us and talked about creating Marbles’ very own Mindstein and Mind Your Marbles. For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Mindstein box, click here!

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Reverse Charades Rundown

We were able to talk with Scott, the inventor of Reverse Charades, and learn how he and his brother made this game of non-stop hilarity come to life!

Marbles: The Brain Store: You started working on Reverse Charades in 2008. What prompted you to start designing a game? Read More >

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A Thank You from our CEO

Wow, what a year! 10 new stores, 100’s of new products, and 1000’s of challenges of Quarto with our BrainCoaches across the country. Read More >

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Word Nerds Unite!

I love words! I love speaking them, reading them, learning about them and playing games with them. I guess the label word nerd fits me. It’s kind of amazing how the game market has exploded with products geared towards people Read More >

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Creating Creatively

Creativity can be elusive. Sometimes you feel the creative spark and other times you stare, for what seems like hours, at a blank page or screen. (Like me as I am trying to write this blog!) Read More >

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