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Oscar Trivia!

Every year I make the mad dash to see as many Oscar nominated films as I can. I love all of the excitement leading up to the big night. January and February are filled with a glut of amazing performances to watch. Like many people, I pick my favorites, but also try to predict the Academy’s choices. The 84th Academy Awards will air tonight, so we thought we would celebrate with some Oscar trivia. See how many you can answer without looking them up online! Read More >

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Creating ColorFall

Chrissy here from the Marbles Brain Workshop, where we are excited to be developing ColorFall, set to release in summer 2012! ColorFall is a creative play toy imagined and designed by my project partner, Brad Hoffman, and myself. We first Read More >

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Stimulate your brain in new and healthy ways!

Whether it’s your mother, your doctor, your friends or your television, someone is always urging you to go outside and get some physical exercise. If you’re anything like I was when I was younger, you’d likely retort with some pathetic excuse about mental exercise being much more useful than physical exercise. Read More >

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Marbles 2012 Game Design Contest

Do you have a game idea that’s been lurking in the depths of your frontal lobe, created a game but never had the means of producing it, or do you just have the sudden urge to invent something? Whatever the case may be, throw us your ideas! Read More >

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How to “Spot” the Next Exciting Game!

We had the opportunity to speak with Thierry Denoual and Julien Mayot the co-founders of Blue Orange games, and makers of Spot It! Below we learn from both of them how they have worked to create a successful company, an award winning game, and continue to be inspired. Read More >

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Marbles: Brain Workshop

Marbles: Brain Workshop is official! We’re in route to release quite a few Marbles branded products in 2012. Some designed here in the Workshop, some with other brainiacs, (you may already know PeggyBrown), and some by design students. Read More >

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The Anatomy of Abalone

In the realm of Critical Thinking and Strategy games, it is easy to get lost in the deluge of fun and intensive games. However, amongst the cream of the crop games found on the shelves at Marbles, Abalone stands above the rest for sheer cognitive rigor and strategic complexity. Read More >

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Stress Relief Goes Tech

Our bodies have a built in biological response know as Fight or Flight. When we are in danger this response is beneficial for survival, however, when we are in stressful, non-life threatening situations, our bodies have the same hormonal response as if we were in danger. This response can affect our ability to concentrate, to make decisions, to problem-solve and to communicate clearly. It can also inhibit sleep and keep our body’s immune system from functioning properly. Read More >

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BrainCoach Book Review

BrainCoach Bridgette from our Montgomery Mall location in Bethesda, Maryland shares with us her review of The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science! Read More >

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Play More Social Games!

Here at Marbles, not only do we sell games, but we love games too! With the New Year many of us resolved to “Play More.” We did a whole post on playing more and the benefits that come with that. If you missed it, you can click read it here. Today, we want to focus on how playing games in a social setting can be beneficial to your brain! Read More >

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