If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island


This week our BrainCoaches were asked what one product from our store would they want if they were stranded on a deserted island.  Some of the items were their favorites, some would definitely assume you had other people on the island with you, and some were practical.  (For instance, Chrissy from our Brain Workshop said she would use the OgoSport discs to catch fish.)  Here are the top ten answers:

1.  OgoSport Disks

2.  Pajaggle

3.  Abalone

4.  Katamino Deluxe

5.  Spy Alley

6.  JuggleFit

7.  Gibbon Slackline

8.  How to Build a Fire and Other Things your Grandfather Taught You

9.  Colorku

10. Forbidden Island

What would your deserted island game be?

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  1. Charles Sambuchino says:

    I want to suggest Cincinnati, OH for a new location. I tried doing this at the Suggest a Location link but it wouldn’t work for me. Thanks.

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