Lindsay’s Picks for Summer Vacation

Our CEO, Lindsay Gaskins, loves to play.  Whenever we get a new batch of games, she is one of the first to buy them.  I asked her about an order she placed today and she said these were all things she was taking on vacation with her.  Lindsay  loves being active, so you will notice a few active play items for her whole family to play.  Here’s what she is taking:

OgoSport Mezo Disks-  An all-time favorite with staff and customers, OgoSport disks are great for vacation fun.  They are great for the backyard, parks, lakeside and the beach.  The discs even float in water, but you may want to order a couple of extra koosh balls in case one disappears. They can be used indoors as well and they are a great hand-eye coordination game for younger kids too.


OgoSport Copter Darts- Remember lawn darts? These are even better (and safer).  This is a great game for all ages, from Grandparents to kids.  The foam wings make the darts spin as the fly through the air.  Gather with family or friends and have a tournament.

Spikeball- This game has been so popular we’ve been having trouble keeping it on our shelves.  The set comes with two balls and a trampoline-like net that’s portable and easy to pack up (comes with a bag to carry it in).  Spike balls puts 2 teams of two players against each other.  The goal is to hit the ball off the net and passed your opponents to score points.  It’s a fast-pace, high-energy outdoor game.

Brain Beats 2- Need something entertaining and brain stimulating for the car?  The new sequel to our popular Brain Beats CD is out.  These catchy tunes will help your whole family learn countries of the world, parts of speech and how to count to 10 in multiple languages.

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