Mothers of Great Minds Quiz

In honor of Mother’s Day we gathered some information on the mothers of some famous brains. Can you figure out which mother gave birth to which brilliant mind?

1. She loved to play the piano and enrolled her son in violin lessons when he was 5. He hated them, but eventually grew to love them.

2. She was the first woman to become National Director of the United Way.

3. She was from an aristocratic family, but married an illiterate man from a farming family.

4. When a school master told her that her son was “addled” or slow, she took him out of school and taught him at home.

5. She was a freedom fighter and was arrested for “seditious” public speech.

6. She is believed to have been a slave from the Middle East.

7. She sent her child to live with a grandmother so that the child could attend better public schools.

A. Shakespeare (Mary Maxwell Shakespeare)
B. Thomas Edison (Nancy Elliot Edison)
C. Leonardo da Vinci (Caterina)
D. Bill Gates (Mary Maxwell Gates)
E. Sandra Day O’Connor (Ada Mae Wilkey)
F. Indira Gandhi (Kamala Kaul Nehru)
G. Albert Einstein (Pauline Koch Einstein)

1. G 2. D 3. A 4. B 5. F 6. C 7. E

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  1. Laura says:

    This is a fabulous list. Thank you so much for sharing! Keep up the good work.

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