Tour the States Fan Video Awards

We’ve noticed some videos popping up here and there for Tour the States from Brain Beats, and we love it! So join us now at the FVAs (Fan Video Awards). Check out these rock star Tour the States video winners:

Most Awesome Talent Show Contestants

We’re impressed that not only did the singer remember all the words and sing them beautifully, the talented girl drawing managed to get the whole map done while the song was happening. We’ll let you in on a little secret here – it took the artist in our video a couple of DAYS to do his map (but we still think it’s pretty awesome too)!

Best Video Reimagining

We feel like we’re along for a tour with the coolest tour guide while we watch this awesomely creative video.

Best Outdoor Concert

Next we take it to nature with an outdoor concert – we’re so excited how many of you have learned all the words – and all the state capitals. Good work on this video!

Best Test

And finally, we often hear that Tour the States helped kids with their test but we rarely get to see the results. Great job filling in the map!

Are you the next video star?

Make your own video for Tour the States or any Marbles product and let us know about it. We’d love to feature you as the next Marbles Rock Star!

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