Juggle Your Way to a Healthy Brain?

According to a 2009 Oxford University study, learning to three-ball cascade juggle is associated with a transient and highly selective increase in gray matter in the occipito-temporal cortex.  (That’s just a an incredibly brainy was of saying that juggling is good for your noggin.)  In addition to growing the ol’ gray matter, learning new complex skills like juggling also enhances concentration, reduces stress and builds hand-eye coordination.

But the benefits of juggling don’t stop with the brain.  When the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company set out to discover from which profession people live the longest, they were surprised to learn that musical conductors, on average, live about five years longer than the rest of us.  They attributed the longevity to the excellent upper body aerobic exercise performed by this group. Just like the sweeping arm movements of musical conductors, juggling provides a tremendous, low impact, upper body workout, which strengthens your core, improves your posture, and helps you burn calories at a faster rate.

Science has also identified correlations between juggling and psychological health.   According to Harvard Professor Dr. Herbert Benson, an expert researcher on meditation and stress relief, “Juggling, which provides rhythmic and repetitive movements, could be a very effective step in eliciting the relax response.”  In other words, the low anxiety, low boredom activity of juggling can help you reach a higher level of happiness and emotional well-being.

It’s juggling for a healthier you!

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    That’s so cool! I purchased your Brain Beats and it was awesome! Your store is my favorite!

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