Best Seller: Rock Me Archimedes

Rock Me Archimedes has been an instant best seller in Marbles Stores since its release in October. Based on the concept of weight distribution and balancing, the game is beautifully simple, yet very strategic. Rock Me Archimedes was one of the winners of the 2012 Marbles Game Design Competition before being passed along to our product development team for styling.

Our goal in the Brain Workshop was to capture the elegance and ease of gameplay in our design decisions. Made from beautiful stained wood and simple glass marbles, Rock Me Archimedes makes a gorgeous, heirloom quality coffee table piece, in addition to being super fun. It is truly a game that you will not want to put away.

The packaging was inspired directly by the concept of the game. It playfully totters just like the board inside, while artfully displaying five of Archimede’s mathematical circle proofs. It also looks super rad concealed in holiday wrapping paper.

Rock Me Archimedes is now available for purchase! So be sure to keep your eyes out for this and other great Marbles games at your local Marbles The Brain Store or online at and “like” Marbles: The Brain Store on Facebook for additional Rock Me Archimedes news.

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  1. Shex says:

    I did this project in the sixth grade:The Floating EggFill a cup with salt water and one with fresh water. It’ll float in the salt water. Look it up on Google for more deliats. For a report, look up Archimedes and the effects of buoyancy because those both have to do with why the egg floats. I’m not sure if this is the type of project you were really looking for, but it’s free to do. You probably have salt, water, and eggs at home (you only need one and you can cook it after you use it).References : I did this project and got a 98, which is an A+.

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