A New Twist on the Puzzle (Literally)

We know that puzzles are good for strengthening the organization, fine motor tasks, and visualization areas of the brain.  Many studies have found that people who exercise their mind with jigsaw puzzles may have a smaller chance of being affected by Alzheimer’s, memory loss, or dementia.  These major health benefits inspired the Marbles Brain Workshop to find a fresh new way to put a puzzle together.

smART Puzzles, our new Marbles original puzzle series, literally puts a new twist on the idea of the jigsaw puzzle.  By twisting, turning, and overlapping 200 cards, you can recreate such artistic masterpieces as Van Gogh’s Starry Night & Café Terrace, or Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss & Tree of Life.  Check out our resident puzzle master, Nick, putting together the Van Gogh smArt Puzzle. http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/smart-puzzles

smART Puzzles make an awesome gift for fans of classical art or anyone looking for a real challenge! So be sure to keep your eyes out for our puzzle series at your local Marbles The Brain Store or online at http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com  and “like” Marbles: The Brain Store on Facebook for additional smART Puzzles news.

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  1. Adam Kovar says:

    Puzzles are one of the best stuff to sharpen our mind and out of it we may able to create something as an additional appeal to the eye.Its a two way process we learn at the same time we did enjoy thus it gives fulfillment and satisfaction to oneself. [ fruzzle dot com ]

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