Coming Soon: Touchy Feely – UPDATED

UPDATETouchy Feely is here and was just featured on the Today Show’s segment on Bridging the Generation Gap!

We have many great products on their way to our shelves in the next few weeks. Normally we would wait until they’re available before we’d write about them or promote them, but the new batch of products we have entering our inventory is pretty exciting, and we just can’t wait! Today’s post will explore one of the more unusual products coming soon from the Marbles Brain Workshop.

Touchy Feely

The next time you’re searching for your keys or an extension cord, try closing your eyes and finding them without any visual cues. The ability to recognize and perceive objects through texture, size, spatial properties, and temperature is called “stereognosis”. That ability is challenged and strengthened in our newest game, Touchy Feely!

Touchy Feely Pieces

Draw a Card and Find the Object!

With Touchy Feely, multiple random small objects are placed inside a nylon “Tube of Touch”. Players draw a card, and then reach into the tube to find the object pictured on the card using only their stereognostic abilities. With everything from a rubber ducky to a miniature Eiffel Tower to an octopus figurine, there’s lots to challenge any player. Anyone can play, from children to adults, and the game is versatile enough that it can be played solo or as a group challenge. And your funny bone will be exercised too, as each card has a humorous description of the object in play. In addition, players will be exercising sensory perception, memory, and fine motor skills, all of which will challenge and strengthen your parietal lobe. And if the game itself wasn’t enough, two separate expansion packs for the game are also on their way to our stores: one pack has 50 pieces with every US state’s shape (and corresponding cards) while the second has 26 pieces and deals with the alphabet (also with corresponding cards).

Touchy Feely CaseCurrently in its final stages of manufacture, we hope to have Touchy Feely available very soon. Until then, you can add your name and email to our notification system and be alerted when our newest products are finally released!


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