Under the Radar Gem: UberArc 3200

From Best Sellers to Featured New Arrivals to Marbles Originals, there are so many great games to choose from. But sometimes a product doesn’t get as much attention as we think it deserves. This post attempts to redress that wrong, and is the seventh in a series highlighting an “Under-the-Radar Gem” that we know you’ll love!

UberArc 3200

UberArc BoxThere’s a saying that architects have the most difficulty realizing their craft: most never get to create their own designs for buildings until they are established, sometimes decades after embarking on a career. If only there was a way to visualize those architectural dreams without having to shell out millions of dollars in taxes, construction costs, work permits, land rights, etc. Now there is: aspiring architects and those who love them can find what they need in the UberArc 3200 kit. Made by our friends at Uberstix (creators of the UberBird and UberSailboat), the UberArc 3200 comes with 3200 pieces of the interlocking Uberstix, as well as blueprints necessary for building your own skyscraper. You can follow the step-by-step construction blueprints, or use your creativity and build any way you like. Along the way, you’ll learn about architectural concepts, principles of building, aspects to prepare for such as high winds and load-bearing resources, and imagine the possibilities of crafting your own unique structure, and having it inside your own office or home.

But wait, there’s more! The blueprints help you build two separate skyscraper designs! Not only can you build the mammoth single tower structure that stands over 7 feet tall, there are separate blueprints for building an impressive two-tiered tower, with dual towers that stack over 5 feet tall.


Dual Tower Detail

Whether you’re an aspiring architect or just love building, the UberArc 3200 series is the ultimate architectural kit. Use for free creative building play, or follow the meticulous blueprints to craft one of two potential structures. Either way, strategic planning skills, visual perception, and eye-hand coordination will all come into play with the kit!

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