Introducing Skippity Do

Our Brain Workshop crew creates some cool, brainy board games and puzzles for our store. But they are also careful not to neglect physical activity and coordination, which are just as important to brain fitness as maintaining memory and developing critical thinking skills.



If you’re not familiar with Chinese jump rope, let me give you a quick description: Two players (the Enders) stand a few feet apart, facing each other while keeping tension on the rope with their ankles. The Enders call out the moves from a pre-determined pattern. The player in the middle (the Jumper) tries to complete the pattern by jumping over the inside, outside, and even on top of the ropes. If the Jumper completes the pattern, they get a “level-up” and the height of the rope is raised!

As you get the hang of it, you can learn more complex patterns.  Learning new moves is a great overall brain boost and activates the motor centers of the brain.






By the way, this is not just an activity for children. Check out some of our Brain Workshop folks testing it out.

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