Behold the Isis Adventure!

For the last three years, one puzzle has stood out in terms of its design, intricacy, backstory, and excitement generated by customers: the Isis Puzzle.

A series of five interconnected puzzles (only 3 of which have been released to date), the Isis Adventure is a puzzle series designed to challenge the most sophisticated puzzle-solvers, and to be the ultimate challenge for the puzzle aficionado. Solving the actual puzzle and unlocking its secrets is only the first step; as you unlock each puzzle clues are given which can unlock special objects which the creators have positioned in locations throughout the world. Solving the puzzle and opening each object will lead you to the next, and there are even opportunities to win cash prizes. But the puzzles themselves are beautifully crafted, works of superior design that look gorgeous on a desk or coffee table.

The Orb

Orb of Isis

Orb of Isis

The first puzzle in the series is the Orb of Isis, a metallic sphere with bands that rotate and turn with an interlocking mechanism inside; hieroglyphic clues carved into the orb help you to solve the puzzle. By aligning the bands in a precise specific combination, the orb is opened revealing a secret clue that can be used in the next step of the adventure. Marbles offers a Special Edition Titanium & Blue Isis Puzzle, made for our stores exclusively by the manufacturer, Sonic Games UK. The orb comes in a beautiful case—but don’t throw away its box either—clues are prevalent even in the packaging.

The Ramisis

The Ramisis Pyramid

Even though this is the second puzzle in the series, it is just now being released after a long delay. Consisiting of a beautiful metal pyramid, the user must use clues (found on the company website as well as in the accompanying booklet) to solve and unlock this intricate mechanism, which when solved, will provide assistance in continuing the challenge and adventure.

The Copernisis



The Copernisis is the third puzzle in the series. A circular “aircraft-grade” aluminum disk with 5 “planet rings” that click and lock into their tracks. To unlock this disk, the rings must be situated in a precise pattern in order to open and reveal the secrets inside.

Two more puzzles in the series are expected in the next few years, and Marbles will most definitely be the place to find them once they are released. What is so wonderful about the puzzles (besides the beauty and craft of their design) is that they work both as part of the multi-puzzle “adventure” and as stand-alone puzzles. Considered the most difficult strategy puzzle out there, the Isis Puzzles are beautiful art objects even if you struggle in solving them. The investment made in joining the adventure will challenge all manner of cognitive skills, and maybe earn you cash prizes!

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