What is “What?”

We have published 4 posts in the past week explaining the concept of “Marbles University”, our new promotion focusing on how the products at Marbles The Brain Store can help you Build Logic, Enhance Creativity, Increase Vocabulary, and Learn It All. We’ve showcased many of our newest products; but there are a few of our newest products that don’t neatly fit into one of these categories. Today’s post introduces one of our favorites to you. We think it’ll soon be a favorite of our customers, too. It’s a multi-player party game called “What?”


WhatIn “What?”, players are asked to create responses to humorous questions and situations, and everyone must guess who wrote what. It can be played with 5 to 17 players, so large groups can have a fun time playing this game.

Each turn, one player is the Questioner. They pick a card from the deck, and read the card’s question out loud.  Then all players, including the Questioner, write down their response to the question on their answer sheet. This is where the game gets really fun. Depending on the question being asked, you can choose to answer truthfully and honestly, or you can be as ridiculous, silly, and tasteless as your imagination wishes! How you choose to answer will make a difference in the next part of the game. All players turn their answer sheets in to the Questioner, who reads them all out loud. The Questioner then chooses their favorite response, and the other players now will bluff, debate, and vote on who wrote the Answer in question. If you guessed the correct author, you receive 1 point. If you were the author, and no players guessed correctly, you receive 3 points. After 15 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game.

Question Categories

What CardAnother aspect that makes “What?” a truly original game is that each round, the category of questions changes. On each card are three question categories. During Round #1, the Questioner reads from Category 1, which is a general category of short snappy questions that begin with “What….?” (“What is something you should avoid doing in prison?”). During Round #2, Category 2 is in play, which is a personal question. The questioner fills in the blank part of the question with the name of someone. The name could be someone playing, a celebrity, family member….anyone. (“What does _____ wear to bed?”) During Round #3, players work with Category 3, which is called Sticky Situation. This question will pose a predicament that ends with “What would you do?” (“Your partner gives you a gift certificate for plastic surgery. What do you do?”). In Round #4, the Questioner gets to choose their favorite question from any of the categories. Subsequent rounds repeat this pattern, until 15 rounds have been played.

“What?” is a game that will have you laughing, groaning, guessing, bluffing, impressing, and teasing everyone playing. It’s perfect for parties, get-togethers, and icebreaking. The different categories keep the questions fresh, and your creativity (and strategy skills) will come into play.

What?:    http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/what

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