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It’s that time of year again when kids will be heading back to school. Whether you are in school or just a lifelong learner, our Marbles University featured products are fun and interesting products that will keep your brain sharp for school or the University of Life.

Learn It All

The Temporal Lobe, where your Memory resides, can be strengthened by a variety of exercises and games. We carry a good collection of books dedicated to this topical issue and of course, virtually all of our software programs make a powerful contribution to improving memory at any age. This season we are introducing a playful new game and bringing back an old favorite.

Gary Gouda

Gary Gouda

Gary's Apartment

This delightful memory and strategic thinking game introduces you to Gary Gouda, a wily mouse who races from room to room collecting cheese tiles as he tries to reach his corner goal. If he can fit in each mouse hole he travels through, he gets to keep the cheese he’s collected. But each mouse hole has a different height, so depending on how many cheese tiles he’s collected, he may not make it through. If Gary gets stuck, the player’s turn ends, the cheese goes back, and the next player attempts to get to the corner goal. Where Gary starts and his end goal each turn is determined by a roll of the unique die rod (sort of like an elongated die) and in addition to remembering the correct route to his destination he must also beware of Kiki the Cat, who lies in wait in a certain room of the apartment every turn. This delightful maze game is gorgeously designed, and the gameboard is built right into the box, to make storage of the various mouseholes and cheese tiles super-convenient.


Gobblet is an old favorite that never really went away (although it hasn’t been available in all stores, we’ve been selling it online since the start) but we are bringing it back to our stores because it’s such a winner! Players attempt to get 4 of their pieces in a row on the board either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Pieces vary in size, and smaller pieces can get “gobbled up” by larger ones, adding variety to game play!

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