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Build LogicIt’s that time of year again when kids will be heading back to school. Whether you are in school or just a lifelong learner, our Marbles University featured products are fun and interesting products that will keep your brain sharp for school or the University of Life.

Strategic Thinking is a cognitive skill that will help strengthen your frontal lobe; we have some exciting new products designed to boost, strengthen, and challenge those important Strategic Thinking skills.

Fans of card-based strategy games will find a new favorite with Strain, a clever and beautifully designed game in which players build viruses, release them to attack other players, and defend their own organisms from attack. This author is very excited about the return of Mastermind, the classic code-breaking strategy game, in which a codebreaker has to use logic and deduction to figure out a 4-color code designed by their opponent. What’s fantastic about Mastermind is that the concept is disarmingly simple, but the cognitive challenge is sharp and focused. Another plus: players switch out roles every game, so both players get an opportunity to break and create codes.


Colorpop in Action

In Mastermind, the code the maker creates consists of 4 out of 6 potential colors in a specific pattern; visual perception is an important strategic tool in solving the codes. Visual Perception skills are also put to the strategic test in Colorpop, where multiple players vie to remove their secret color from the board while preventing their opponents from doing the same.

Logic is integral to the new game Settrio, where players use tiles to build sets that have either shapes or colors (or both) in common. But the addition of a die brings an element of chance into play, and each tile (a double-hexagon) has two images and/or colors, which ups the difficulty factor.

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