Under the Radar Gem: The Storymatic

From Best Sellers to Featured New Arrivals to Marbles Originals, there are so many great games to choose from. But sometimes a product doesn’t get as much attention as we think it deserves. This post attempts to redress that wrong, and is the fifth in a series highlighting an “Under-the-Radar Gem” that we know you’ll love!

Today’s Gem: The Storymatic

Storymatic BoxThe Storymatic is a creativity tool, Word Skill game, and a box full of cards that give you the building blocks to tell great stories. In the box are gold and copper cards. While there are many different ways to use the cards, the basic, Classic method is to draw two cards of each color (4 altogether) and tell a story based on what you have drawn. The story must contain all 4 elements from your cards, and the character you write about must change in the course of the story. Rather than describe how the game works, for this post I’m going to draw 4 cards and then write a little story.

Gold Cards:         “person who says yes to everything”    

                             “mascot for a professional sports team”

Copper Cards:   “stranger’s diary”           “equipment malfunction”


The Story

Paul knew it was a bad idea; reading a stranger’s diary. Diaries are not out there for everyone to see; they’re private, by design. Once, when he was a younger and more insecure person, he had peeked at his girlfriend’s diary while she slept in their bed. Reading her feelings regarding their relationship had been a painful revelation: there was so much she didn’t share with him. It destroyed their connection; he couldn’t trust her word after that.

But this wasn’t his girlfriend’s diary, this was some stranger’s…who still kept a diary in this day and age? Even 12-year olds have Tumblr pages. Perhaps it belongs to someone older, someone resistant to the electronic age, still scribbling away with ink on paper, like it wasn’t the 21st century.

But Paul was tempted. The motivational speaker said, “You’ve gotta say Yes to Everything!” and that had been his philosophy ever since. Live your life hopefully—say yes. Sudden change of plans to your routine? Don’t succumb to the frustration of having to do something different—say Yes. Find a strange diary, just begging to be read? Say Yes.

The diary was found on an empty bench in a hallway outside the employee’s entrance. It wouldn’t have been a fan’s—the players use a different entrance, and mascots don’t have fans…especially not after today’s equipment malfunction. His routine was funny, he enjoyed prancing on the field, pretending to kick dirt on the umpire’s shoes, dancing to “Rock & Roll” as it blares through the stadium’s PA system…but the T-shirt cannons didn’t work—he couldn’t fire them out into the crowd screaming for their free items…in the end, they booed until he left the field.

Surely he could open the diary and find out who it belongs too. That’s just being a good citizen. Could he resist the temptation? It’s probably written on the inside cover…just open it and resist the urge to read another’s secrets. Respect their privacy. Say Yes.

Paul placed the diary back on the bench. He grabbed his bag and headed to the train station. He was going home. He had said, “No”.

The Storymatic:    http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/storymatic

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