Marbles Olympics

On July 8th at our company picnic we held our 2nd annual Marbles Olympics. Our Master of Ceremonies and Director of Store Training David Reis, created some fun and challenging events for the competition using products that we carry in our stores.

Event 1 used Beamo in a human horseshoes fashion. One player tossed Beamo while teammates tried to align themselves so that they catch it with their head.

Event 2 was our own take on Angry Birds using Djubi and Kapla Blocks. One team built a structure using the 40 set Kapla blocks. All blocks had to be interconnected and the ideal strategy was to build it in a way that more blocks would stay on the table if hit. The opposing team had 3 chances to knock the structure down by launching the Djubi ball from its launch net.

Event 3 Involved a round of the lawn game Rollors. The team that rolls their disc closest to the pyramid gains points. Points were tallied at the end of the round to add to a team’s overall score.

Event 4 was probably the most hilarious to watch. We were demoing a new construct- it-yourself tot-sized bike. The MOOV relay involved spinning 5 times, then jumping on the little bike and racing to the change point to switch. (MOOV will be available later this summer).

It was a great evening of fun, team building and working on our coordination and critical thinking skills. You can use these products and your own creative ideas at your next family reunion, cookout or work function.

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