Mind Your Marbles – Triple Tricky Trivia

It’s Alive!!   Okay, well not really, but Mad Scientist/Game Inventor Peggy Brown created a lively, brain-challenging memory game that’s sure to get your synapses firing.  With Mind Your Marbles, Peggy took your average trivia game and shot some voltage through it.

Questions come from cool categories like Gadgets, Creatures, Silliness as well as the old standards like folks, places, and music.  On your turn you have to listen to three questions, from three different categories and then (and only then) answer all three in order.  If you answer them correctly and in the right order before your time is up, you gain marbles for your brain scorecard.

The added twist: the timer is not a nice quiet, little hourglass, but one of your opponents spelling out a phrase from a time card. Can you tune out the distraction? If you fill up your brain with marbles, you win the game.  This triple-tricky trivia game will certainly send a charge to the memory center of your brain.

Play Mind Your Marbles….if you dare! BWAHAHAHAHA! (Thunder crack…ominous organ music………..okay, it doesn’t really work without the sound effects…sigh)

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