Sifteo – A Brain Workout in 3 Little Cubes

With our Brainest App Pitch-a-Thon coming up in San Francisco, we thought we’d take time out today to tell you a little bit about Sifteo cubes.

Award-winning Sifteo cubes interact with each other and respond to motion to provide an innovative, hands-on approach to play.  They can challenge your brain in an endless number of ways – just grab the types of games you like and start having fun!

Each Sifteo cube contains a clickable full-color LCD display, a 3-axis accelerometer(motion sensing), four neighbor sensors (detect nearby cubes), and a rechargeable battery housed in a sturdy 1.5 inch block. Play games by neighboring and moving around cubes. Sifteo games work great with three cubes (included), and gets even better with up to six.  See them in action:

Pick up your set of Sifteo cubes here.

In the San Francisco area?  Check out our Pitch-A-Thon

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