Mayo Clinic Study: Activity keeps brains healthy

In May, the Mayo Clinic released the results of a study that shows that computer use combined with moderate physical exercise can reduce the risk of mild cognitive impairment.  The study included 926 people who ranged in age from 70-93.  The participants engaged in a variety of physical activities like hiking, yoga, swimming, walking and golf.   Beside computer use, mentally stimulating activities such as playing music, art, social group activities, reading and playing games were also cited as beneficial in the study.

Every time we learn new activities or challenge our brain, new neurons are created, building up what is called cognitive reserve.  The reserve of extra neurons has been proven to help delay the onset of symptoms caused by diseases like Alzheimer’s and age-related decline.

If you are looking for some activities to help keep your mind or body (or both) active, take a look at our list of recommendations:

For computer software programs that work all of your cognitive areas, we recommend MindSpring and Dakim.

If you need something fun to help keep you physically active try OgoSport or Beamo.

For social games, we really like Pass the Popcorn and Reverse Charades

Need a game you can play by yourself?  Check out Pathwords, Colorku or Solitaire Chess




Mayo Clinic News Release (May 1, 2012) Computer Use and Exercise Combo May Reduce the Odds of Having Memory Loss, Mayo Clinic Finds.




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