I Have a Geek Dad – Do You? Enter to Win!

My Dad can explain how a camera’s f-stop is calculated.  He has every tool known to man, and (to really show my age) owned a Radio Shack laptop in the early 80′s that used a cassette player as a storage drive.  He’s the kind of guy who, when you ask what time it is, will tell you how to make a watch.

He can make anything out of wood, can fix nearly anything, and comes up with great excuses when he can’t/won’t fix something.  “You can’t glue that kind of plastic.  You know the plastic they make glue lids from?  Well, that’s why they use it; the glue doesn’t stick to it.”  He knows everything. But he still made us look up the answers to our homework because he wanted us to learn everything, too.

In short, my dad is a geek.  And it’s great to have a geeky Dad.  He was the one who showed my Girl Scout troop how to make cool designs with leaves and photo paper.  He made us wooden toys every Christmas.  We always had awesome science projects – the volcano we made in grade school was epic.  And he taught us that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Creativity teamed with logic and resourcefulness will solve just about anything.  My geek dad made me the geek I am today, and gave us a childhood filled with fun projects and crazy stories.

I think every Dad has something they’re geeky about – for some it’s science, math, computers, and others it’s sports scores or their coin collection.  This Father’s Day, we’d like to encourage the inner geek in every Dad.  Check out our collection of gifts for every geek Dad, and enter the challenge.

Dad’s a Geek Challenge

Tell us what kind of geek your Dad or the Dad of your children is for a chance to win Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share.

Just enter below by leaving a comment, posting on our Facebook wall or tweeting us how the Dad in your life is geeky.  We’ll pick an entry at random – challenge ends Friday June 8th.




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6 Responses to I Have a Geek Dad – Do You? Enter to Win!

  1. Nenette Seaux says:


  2. Tracie Vandermeulen says:

    He is a geek because he loves videos games.

  3. domestic diva says:

    He’s a geek because he can explain how almost everything works — I love that!

  4. Sharon G says:

    6 reasons why my dad is the best kind of nerd (and father!):

    My dad entered me into an Ed Grimley look-alike contest when I was just under a year old.
    He’s a podiatrist, but he received training in computer programming, one of his truer passions, when I was growing up–just for fun.
    He assembled his own backyard catapult before the Marbles store how-to guide even existed.
    He went through a blogging phase where he couldn’t stop photoshopping aliens into family photos–or creating animated .gifs of his coworkers (and my friends) dancing
    He and one of my ex-boyfriends, an engineer, spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to operate a slide rule–also for fun.
    We bonded during my childhood through Space Ghost: Coast to Ghost, Cartoon Planet, Kablam!, and Dexter’s Lab.

  5. Sheri L. says:

    My dad is a geek because he gets excited for new tech products and researches online for awhile prior to buying anything!!

  6. Karen Kaufman says:

    My Dad is the biggest geek for many reasons.
    There is always a Rubix cube in his house (two of which he’s given to my 4 year old son!); growing up, he bought an Electronics lab table for both myself and my brother (mine’s slightly upgraded since I’m younger); 20 years ago, he designed and built his own solar heater for our pool from scratch; our usual father-daughter outings involved going out to the bookstore; my siblings and I have all gotten into some degree of gaming because of his Atari and Nintendo (and I also have bragging rights to owning an original D&D set thanks to him); and he’s inspired me to pursue a degree in Engineering. My Dad will always be the biggest Geek ever.

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