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Today happens to be “Say Something Nice Day”, a holiday that everybody can get behind. There’s no special mandate, and maybe it says something about our culture that we need to set aside a special day just to treat each other with respect. But regardless, we here at Marbles are taking full advantage.

There’s no special parade or ceremony; it’s simply an acknowledgement that sometimes we can get caught up in our lives and forget to say thank you to those who make our lives better just by being a part of them.

Marbles Has the Best Customers

It’s also a day to apologize for words spoken in frustration, anger, or disappointment. It may seem obvious, but there are measurable benefits to one’s health and well-being from being kind, which is what Saying Something Nice is about. When we do something kind for another person, we feel good. This is because the brain’s dopamine levels are elevated, a phenomenon sometimes known as a “helper’s high”.

Acts of kindness also release oxytocin into the bloodstream, which helps dilate the blood vessels of the heart and lowers blood pressure. Kindness can also help with the body’s immune system; the vagus nerve, which controls inflammation and regulates the heart rate, has been found to lower inflammation levels during times of calmness and compassion.


This person has the right idea!

But I’m veering off topic here. Today is Say Something Nice Day, and we urge you to take advantage of it: thank your barista for making that Soy Latte; make a choice to tell the people in your life one thing that you’re grateful for. We wouldn’t be able to exist without you, our wonderful customers.

As Marbles expands and grows over the next few years, we are going to work harder than ever to continue to bring you the best, most brain-healthy and fun games and products.

Thank You for reading my post; why not take advantage of this special day and Say Something Nice in the comments. We look forward to reading them!


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2 Responses to Say Something Nice!

  1. Sally says:

    Jeff writes great blog posts! The Marbles blog is just great :)

  2. Krazy Kat says:

    Thank you for promoting “Say Something Nice Day”! Kindness can be contagious. Maybe if enough people get behind Say Something Nice Day we can stretch it into two days, then a week, then a month, and so on…then we won’t have to have a special day set aside for it :)

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