Stick stick stick…BOOM! Stick Bombs coming soon!

Stick…stick…stick… BOOM! Lately the Marbles Brain Workshop has felt more like a minefield than a design studio. The explosive fun has been due to our newest building kit, Stick Bombs, due to arrive in Marbles Stores later this Summer!

Popsicle stick weaving first became popular in the 70’s and has since reached the world thanks to a handful of YouTube videos posted by some stick weavin’ pros. Besides being totally fun and impressive, creating these tension-powered mini weapons is a great way to exercise your small motor skills and improve dexterity. So when the sensation hit the Brain Workshop, we knew that this would be a great product to introduce in Marbles Stores.

Austin has been hard at work finding just the right sticks and developing instructions to help you construct 7 distinct “stick grenades”. Each pattern utilizes the tension formed by weaving the sticks together to create a spring loaded device that will detonate at the slightest touch. For even more extreme blasts, individual grenades can be woven together to create spring-loaded chain reactions called “stick bombs”.

Stick Bombs features an arsenal of wooden sticks large enough to break the current Guinness World Record for the longest stick bomb chain!

So be sure to keep your eyes out for our kit at your local Marbles The Brain Store or online and “like” Marbles: The Brain Store on Facebook for additional Stick Bombs news. Bombs away!

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