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Don't Be Bored...Get Outside and Have Some Fun!

It’s Memorial Day today, and besides being a day to honor soldiers who gave their lives in the service, it is also the unofficial beginning of the summer season, and a time when people are going outdoors. The weather’s nicer, most people have days off of work, and family events seem to be on everyone’s schedule. Whether travelling on vacation, or just a neighborhood BBQ with friends, it is a day for being outside, and as such we’ve chosen some of our coolest outdoor activities today.


OgoSport Wins Every Time

As long as our company has been selling them, the OgoSport Mezo Discs have been among our best-selling items. And it’s easy to see why. The disc’s webbing acts as a “Hand Trampoline” which allows the accompanying Koosh ball to bounce high into the air. But the OgoSport is versatile, in that the discs will work with just about anything that bounces. Try them with tennis balls, water balloons, softballs…almost anything. You don’t even need the kooshball for a fun activity because the discs also double as Frisbees. They’ll work near/in water, and is great hand-eye coordination exercise, to boot!



You too could be having as much fun as him!

Speaking of Frisbees, we’ve got something better: the BeamO, a Giant flying disc (30” diameter) that is a great way to play catch. BeamO is soft, so if your throwing partner’s aim is off and you get conked on the head, there won’t be any serious injuries spoiling the good times. And there are multiple ways to throw that will make the disc glide through the air. BeamO is fun for all ages.


The perfect game for Memorial Day, Rollors was created by an Air Force officer and is atwist on lawn bowling. Line up the goals and toss your Rollors. What side they end up landing on will determine the points your team scores. But it’s not about scoring points in the end…it’s about having a blast with friends and family, and Rollors is a perfect group activity.


Backyard, Park, or Beach...It's All Good!

Outdoors Alone

So maybe you find yourself going solo this holiday; everybody needs some time to themselves. But it doesn’t mean you have to waste beautiful weather. Try the Spooner Board for coordination and balance challenges on any surface. And the Waboba Street is the perfect ball for playing catch with yourself off of a building’s wall. At the beach and want a version that’ll bounce off the water’s surface, so you can make those awesome diving catches? Try Waboba Extreme!

Whether you’re at a family gathering, a party with friends, or off on your own today, there’s plenty to do outside, so get some of that fresh air we’ve heard about and have a fantastic Memorial Day from Marbles: The Brain Store!

OgoSport Discs:   http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/ogosport-mezo-disk-15


BeamO:   http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/beamo

Rollors:   http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/rollors

Spooner Board:   http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/spooner-board

Waboba Street:   http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/waboba-street

Waboba Extreme:   http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/waboba-ball


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  1. Matt says:

    Rollors is a super fun game! It combines the skill of bocce ball, bowling and horseshoes.

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